How To Recover From a Workout With CRYO

Oct 14, 2015 4:39:19 PM / by cryo

Working out is important for keeping the body healthy, functioning, and fit but post-workout recovery is just as important. Without a proper recovery process it can be difficult for your body to heal from the effects of exercise and in the long run, skipping recovery can begin to take a huge toll on your body. In order to combat these potential side effects it’s crucial to have a post-workout recovery plan in place. That’s where CRYOtherapy comes into the picture. For the past 30 years, doctors, scientists, and athletes alike have marveled at the incredible benefits CRYOtherapy offers to the body, the most significant of which are the ways in which it allows the body to recover from exercise.

CRYOtherapy is a treatment which exposes the body to temperatures of -140 degrees Celsius for a duration of 3 minutes. The treatment is all natural and uses only air that has been cooled using CRYOgenic technology. The exposure to cold temperatures during CRYOtherapy has many positive impacts on the body. The temperatures prompt vasoconstriction, which flushes toxins from the body and reduces inflammation in the muscles. Over time, regular use of CRYOtherapy cuts recovery time in half because of reduced inflammation which allows athletes to train harder and more frequently. While traditionally ice baths have been used to speed along the process of muscle recovery, science and technology have come together to create something even better. Studies have shown that ice baths can actually have detrimental effects on muscles and make them more susceptible to tearing whereas CRYOtherapy reduces this likelihood. The difference lies in the fact that in an ice bath, cold penetrates more deeply which makes them stiff. In CRYOtherapy the cold penetrates the body but not as deeply as it does in ice baths which results in improved muscle performance and less susceptibility to injuries.

In addition to these benefits, CRYOtherapy also boosts energy levels and blood circulation which prevent post workout slumps and contribute to lower recovery time between workouts. CRYOtherapy has been credited as being the factor that separates average athletes from amazing athletes. Christiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant are just some of the world class athletes who are known to use CRYOtherapy on a regular basis. While many athletes had considered CRYOtherapy to be their peak performance secret, the secret is out and now everyone has the opportunity to benefit from it.

In order to make CRYOtherapy accessible to the athletes of Dubai, CRYO has opened up a location in FitRepublik, one of the largest gyms in the UAE. FitRepublik is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest equipment. Located in the heart of Sports City, FitRepublik is the perfect place for athletes of all levels to work out and now they can recover there as well. Training to peak performance levels is no longer an elusive goal, it’s a reality that can come through with training, dedication, and CRYOtherapy of course!


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