CRYOtherapy is the Ultimate Recovery Partner

Dec 28, 2015 8:38:19 PM / by cryo

When it comes to exercise recovery partners CRYOtherapy stands out among the rest. Infinitely more effective than ice baths, pills, and other inorganic methods, CRYOtherapy uses only cool air to provide the most effective form of recovery for all types of athletes. CRYOtherapy gives the body an array of benefits but it’s most known for its ability to help athletes recovery from exercise in a record amount of time.

There are many things that set CRYOtherapy apart from other methods of recovery. The first is the fact that it’s all natural. CRYOtheray’s effectiveness comes from taking the age old method of using cold to heal the body and combining it with cutting edge technology. Traditionally when a person became injured ice was applied to the inflamed area because cold substances have healing properties. CRYOtherapy takes that one step further with its use of air that has been cooled to temperatures of 1-40 degrees Celsius. CRYOtherapy reduces inflammation in the muscles which decreases recovery time by up to 50%, improving one’s ability to train, recover, and perform.

In addition to reducing inflammation CRYOtherapy also reduces post workout soreness by flushing lactic acid from the body that builds up during exercise. The removal of lactic acid reduce the burning sensation that normally occurs in the muscles post exercise which contributes to a shorter recovery time. This allows for a more intense and higher volume of training. CRYOtherapy also releases a burst of endorphins which are otherwise known as the happiness hormone. Endorphins lift the mood and provide a burst of energy to the body.

CRYOtherapy is the secret behind numerous world class athletes including Christian Ronaldo, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather. By incorporating CRYOtherapy into your exercise routine you will take yourself from ordinary to extraordinary.


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