°CRYO Slim VS Coolsculpting : What's the Difference?

Jul 17, 2019 2:16:46 PM / by cryo

Are you working out, eating right, buying expensive skincare products, but not getting the toned and sculpted results you want? Countless men and women struggle to tighten and tone their problem areas, like their lower backs, belly fat, butt, arms and thighs. If you are doing all the right things but still struggling, you can blame genetics or being a human (a permanent, incurable condition). Problem areas happen! Excess fat cells and cellulite have likely always been a part of your life, but we now have the technology to allow you to make a long-lasting change: °CRYO Slim. Learn the difference between °CRYO Slim and Coolsculpting. 



Want to Look Better Than Your Friends?

And now it won’t take more than visiting your local °CRYO Health Clinic to get results. No doctors offices, no surgeons, no invasive procedures, just a relaxed professional environment. While your friends and coworkers are choking down gimmicky teas or shakes and waking up at 5 am to hit the gym, you can stroll into your local °CRYO Health clinic and receive °CRYO Slim treatments to instantly freeze away your fat, cellulite and smooth your skin.


What is Fat-Freezing Technology?

You may have heard terms like “fat-freezing” or “coolsculpting.” But what exactly do these terms mean? Coolsculpting is a fat-freezing method that involves attaching vacuum-like paddles to various areas of the body. These paddles suction to fat areas and cool them, eventually making these areas of your body feel numb. Coolsculpting sessions can require you to sit with these suction paddles on your body for up to two hours and can cause mild discomfort. One treatment causes very minimal differences and coolsculpting requires multiple sessions to see results.



Want a Better Way to Freeze Fat?

Since coolsculpting and fat-freezing hit the market, science has been looking for ways to improve it. The product of these improvements is °CRYO Slim: a treatment system that is faster and more effective than coolsculpting. In a battle of °CRYO Slim vs. coolsculpting, consumers are finding °CRYO Slim as the standout winner. 


So What is °CRYO Slim? 

°CRYO Slim fat-freezing treatments are faster than coolsculpting and are more customizable. °CRYO Slim technicians hold an instrument that gets cold, then they move it around your targeted areas. Not only can they customize the areas and intensity of the treatments you want, but they are also able to switch in between two settings on the °CRYO Slim machine. One setting, °CRYOToning, targets skin and cellulite by increasing circulation and collagen production. The second setting, °CRYOSlimming, freezes and destroys fat cells. Pretty cool, right?



So How Does It Work?

So we know that °CRYO Slim can freeze and destroy your fat cells. But what does that mean for you and your results? When the °CRYO Slim technician runs the °CRYO Slim wand over your targeted areas, the cold temperature begins to freeze your fat cells. When the fat cells freeze, they die and are no longer viable cells. After the treatment completes, your body will begin to detect the dead cells and dispose of them. Basically, your body gathers the dead fat cells and you pee them out as waste! Quick, easy, painless, and highly effective. Unlike coolsculpting, nearly all clients are able to see visible results after their first treatment. You may wish to undergo multiple treatments until you reach your desired result.



Where Can I Get °CRYO Slim Treatment Near Me?

Looking for °CRYO Slim in the UAE? You’re in luck. You don’t have to wait for weeks to get into a doctors office or meet with a surgeon. °CRYO Health has a convenient Dubai and Abu Dhabi location for you to get your °CRYO Slim treatments near you. Even more convenient, you can get Elemis Biotec facials done at the °CRYO Health right after your °CRYO Slim treatments, so you can walk out looking your absolute best. Check out °CRYO Slim and make your friends jealous, you won’t even have to lift a finger!


Prices & Package Options

Single Session: AED 2800 
Duration: 60-75 minutes 
Target Areas: Love Handles, Belly, Thighs, Arms, Back


Packages of 5 & 10 Available
°CRYO Slimming - 5 PACK (60% OFF)* 
Buy a package of 5 sessions and receive 5 FREE whole-body cryotherapy sessions worth AED 2000!
Original Price: AED 14,000 (AED 2800 per session)
Now clients pay: AED 5,600 (AED 1120 per session)
*T&Cs Apply

°CRYO Slimming - 10 PACK (70% OFF)* 
Buy a package of 10 sessions and receive 5 FREE whole-body cryotherapy session (worth AED 2000) + 2 FREE °CRYO Slim Facials (worth AED 2400)!
Original Price: AED 28,000 (AED 2800 per session)
Now clients pay: AED 8,400 (AED 840 per session)
*T&Cs Apply


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