Our Co - Founder 'Benny Parihar' speaks about Cryotherapy and Biohacking

Aug 4, 2019 6:24:33 PM / by cryo

From sitting too much to not getting enough sleep, eating convenient but unhealthy food, to staring at bright screens all day, our fast paced lives are in many ways at odds with our biology, but what is there to do?

After all, many people think of health and fitness as things which are separate endeavors from work. Sure, we all know it’s important, but how the heck do we stay fit and healthy while simultaneously working hard enough and long enough to sustain a family, further our careers, and get ahead in life? Watch our Co-Founder Benny Parihar's exclusive interview with Briar Prestidge and learn how cryotherapy is now accepted as a way to biohack your mind! 

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Fix A Leaky Brain With Cryotherapy

Your blood-brain barrier works to keep toxins and harmful chemicals out of your brain. By keeping this barrier healthy, you increase your ability to operate neurologically.

Cold exposure is a phenomenal way to improve the permeability of your blood-brain barrier. The trick here, though, is to get your head cold. While it is initially shocking, the effects are instantly noticeable.

Not only does cold exposure restore health to this all-important barrier, it also boosts your immune system, zaps brown fat cells, increases cellular longevity, and more.


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If you feel like getting really serious about cold therapy, get yourself into a °CRYO Arctic chamber. How serious are we talking? -140°C degrees serious. That’s… three times colder than Antarctica (colder than the lowest (natural) temperature ever recorded on Earth serious.)

Unsurprisingly, the benefits of this type of (rather intense) therapy are numerous. 


The benefits of cryotherapy are numerous so come experience the rush of cold exposure and the life changing recovery perks that come with it.


  1. Improved Sleep Quality – our clients have noticed a quicker onset of sleepiness in the evening as well as deeper, more restful sleep after just one session. Wake up feeling fresh and ready to go!
  2. Reduced Inflammation – this will allow you to recover from injuries more quickly or bounce back from an intense training session. Less inflammation means more energy for doing the things you love.
  3. Systemic Immune Response – when exposed to intense cold, your body responds by sending blood away from your extremities to protect the core. As you warm back up, fresh blood assists your body in removing toxins.
  4. Fat Loss via Norepinephrine – a “feel good” hormone that many users experience as increased alertness immediately after a session. This hormone also assists in fat loss by converting fat to substances more readily available for use by your muscles for energy.
  5. Reduced Cellulite – cellulite is a specific type of fat store under the skin that is mobilized in the same way as normal fat stores. 
  6. Increased Collagen Production – the extreme cold sends your body into survival mode. During this mode, your body cleans house and weak cells are destroyed. This allows for the creation of new cells along with fresh collagen to boot. It’s like fresh armor for your whole body.
  7. Increased Energy – immediately after a session, clients report heightened energy levels. This is generally from a hormonal response as well as increased circulation. A regular cryotherapy regimen will aid in energy production through mitochondrial biogenesis over time.
  8. Mitochondrial Biogenesis – cryotherapy has been shown to stimulate the creation of new mitochondria, especially in a metabolically active type of fat tissue called brown adipose tissue or BAT FAT. What are mitochondria you ask? 
  9. Increased Metabolism – cold exposure requires your body to rewarm itself after a session. This process requires energy produced by your mighty mitochondria. Through repeated sessions your body begins adapting by creating more mitochondria and is thus more metabolically active.
  10. Brain Power – a cryotherapy session brings more blood flow to your brain and more oxygen along with it. This allows for the production of brain derived neurotrophic factor, (BDNF) which helps protect neurons as well as assists in the creation of new neuronal connections.


Come experience the rush of cold exposure and the life changing recovery perks that come with it.

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