Are There Really Model Skincare Secrets and Can You Access Them?

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Models are known for their dewy skin and effortless, natural glow. How do they keep their complexion like that when they have such busy schedules, from juggling intense workout regimes with fashion shows, photoshoots and just being social? Because we’re obsessed and wanted to find the answers to our burning questions, we’ve scoured past interviews and exclusives. So here you are, eight model skincare secrets and how they work.

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1. Being Very Gentle When Removing Eye Makeup

Jaime King told Byrdie that when she’s removing eye makeup, she’s always very, very gentle. Because the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, that’s why it tends to wrinkle first. It doesn’t help that many of us rub our eyes quite a lot on a daily basis either.

So, when you’re taking off eye makeup, gently rub and massage your eyes. Don’t ever scrub.

2. Use a Potato Slice to Reduce Dark Circles

Nobody wants dark circles but sometimes, we’ve just got so many things to do and there aren’t enough hours in the day. Luckily, there’s ways to reduce the appearance of dark circles and not all involve investing in expensive eye creams.

In fact, Victoria Brito uses potato slices. She told Byrdie it’s one of the many tips and tricks her mother and grandmother have taught her. Victoria cuts a potato into slices and holds it over each eye for around 15 to 20 minutes once a week.

She said: “I swear, after doing it about five times, you’ll start to see a drastic reduction of dark circles. The potato literally starts to get dark and shrivel up while you use it—it’s crazy! My mum taught me that.”

3. Use Lemon Juice and Sugar to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are ghastly things, as painful as they are ugly. While you can pop them, it can become infected and leave a scar. Luckily, Victoria’s got another home remedy for us. She gets a cup, fills it with sugar and squeezes half a lemon into it. Then, she rubs the mixture onto her skin for five minutes.

Apparently, this is a blackhead cure that leaves your skin feeling “like a baby’s bottom”. She said: “For less than £1! I do that once a week, usually on Sunday night."

4. Face Yoga

Face yoga or facial exercises are the latest in a long line of anti aging crazes. After all, yoga’s a great way to tone your body so surely it’s excellent for your face too. Models from Carolyn Cleaves to Victoria Brito are said to do facial exercises to help keep their faces lifted and looking supple.

Byrdie has posted a series of excellent step-by-step tutorials here. From face and neck lifts to forehead smoothers, these facial exercises, which will only take a few minutes, will help to tone your face.

5. Use as Few Products as Possible

What? Use as few face products as possible? How can that be? Well, using fewer products can actually be better for your skin because you never know precisely what chemicals might be in those expensive creams and lotions.

Moon Kyu Lee told Vogue that she takes notes from from her mother who who only uses a hydrating cream and sun protection. In addition, all the products she uses contain only natural ingredients and she prefers organic products, such as those from Sanoflore.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

This one’s always going to make it in any list of model skincare secrets. And there’s a good reason for it.

Drinking lots of water does your skin a world of good because your skin is made up of cells. Cells are made up of water so if you don’t drink enough, they’ll suffer. They won’t be able to work as efficiently as they should, whether it’s healing and flushing toxins from the body or, in the case of skin cells, keeping you looking young and fresh.

So, if you want that glowing complexion, go on and drink those eight glasses a day. One common skincare secret that all models share is drinking lots of water. For instance, Sarah Haplin, who models for Calvin Klein and Topshop, told Cosmopolitan she does as little as possible to her skin and stays hydrated - particularly in the lead up to a photoshoot. Then, because her skin takes a beating while on set, she pampers it with masks, cleansers and plenty of moisturizer.

Josephine Skriver agreed, telling that if she doesn’t drink enough water throughout the day, her skin feels noticeably drier and grayer. She said: “It definitely glows more when I'm hydrated."

7. Have a Routine

Because models are so busy when on duty, from switching between fashion shows, photoshoots and multiple makeup changes, their skin can easily suffer. That’s why many models have a steady nighttime beauty routine. It doesn’t need to be intricate - it just needs to be regular so their skin has the chance to heal and calm down.

Nicole Atieno has a simple but effective beauty routine. First, she gently removes her makeup with a face wipe. Then, to make sure there’s definitely no product left on, she washes her face with a hydrating cleansing cream. Sometimes, she uses a facial scrub or mask if her T-zone feels troublesome. But she always completes her skincare routine with with moisturizer.

8. Cryotherapy

During a cryotherapy treatment, you’re exposed to subzero temperatures which tricks the body into thinking it’s going to freeze. This activates the fight or flight response and certain bodily processes are boosted. For example, blood circulation increases due to adrenaline being released. This gets nutrients rushing to the cells and the lymphatic system works more efficiently so toxins are flushed more quickly from the body.

One particularly beauty-focused response is that cryotherapy also boosts the production of collagen. This is the protein that helps your skin stay supple, elastic and wrinkle-free. So, when you’re exposed to this subzero environment, your collagen levels are boosted, leaving you with a fresh, dewy complexion.

For the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Gigi Hadid told Refinery 29 that she incorporated cryotherapy into her everyday routine to boost her workout and beauty regimes. Jasmine Tookes, who’s another Victoria’s Secret Angel, swears by a cryotherapy-inspired routine. She ices her face every night to help tighten it and encourage blood to rush to it so her complexion can appear more glowy.

While it’s not traditional cryotherapy, so won’t achieve the same level of benefits, ice treatments are based on the exact same principle.

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